About cookies

What are cookies?

Fyndiq uses cookies which are short text files that are sent from our web server and are saved by your browser when you visit our site. There are two types of cookies: those that are stored on your computer for a certain period of time and that are erased after the expiration date, and cookies that disappear when you close your browser (so-called session cookies). Fyndiq uses both types of cookies, which are important for the function of our site and to give you a good user experience. Fyndiq may use cookies necessary to provide the service, and other cookies if you have given your consent.

For information on how Fyndiq processes personal data, please read more here

Cookies on Fyndiq (mmm, cookies)

Fyndiq uses cookies to be able to recognize your computer and collect information about your visit to our site. When you visit Fyndiq's site, cookies are used for the following:

  • to manage login

  • to save the contents of your shopping cart

  • to save information during an order

  • display ads on the site and on other websites

  • send the correct information to the correct user

  • to send the right user to the right server

  • various functions on the site

  • analysis and statistics of visits to the site

  • anonymous demographic profiling

Some information about your computer is collected via cookies, including your computer's IP address, your computer's operating system, your browser and the addresses of web pages that link to Fyndiq's website.

Fyndiq uses cookies and similar technologies to optimize the function of the site and our services to give visitors of our site a good experience. Fyndiq may use so-called web beacons (or ”pixel tags”) on certain websites. Web beacons are usually graphical images found on a web page and are used to count visitors to a web page and/or to access certain cookies. This information is used to improve our services. Web beacons do not, usually, collect any information beyond that which is provided by your internet browser as a standard setting. We do not use web beacons to identify individual users.

Fyndiq also uses cookies from third parties such as Google Analytics to analyse the website and improve the site. You can learn more about how Google uses the information they collect by clicking on the following link

A list of cookies on can be found here.

Cookies? No thanks!

If you do not accept the use of cookies, you can turn off cookies in your browser security settings. You can also set the browser so that you get a question every time Fyndiq's website wants to place a cookie on your computer. You can also delete previously stored cookies in your browser, see your browser's help pages for more information. Furthermore, you can delete cookies manually from your hard drive at any time.

You can choose not to be covered by Google Analytics by clicking on this link: You can also choose to restrict so-called interest-based advertising from third parties that Fyndiq cooperates with through the following link

Please note that if you choose not to accept cookies from Fyndiq, it may affect your ability to make purchases on our site. The functionality of the site may also be limited. If you have questions about how the site handles cookies, please contact us at