Suojakansi trampoliinin turvaverkkotankoilleSuojakansi trampoliinin turvaverkkotankoilleSuojakansi trampoliinin turvaverkkotankoille



Suojakansi trampoliinin turvaverkkotankoille

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A protective cover for safety net rods for trampoline, from Malatec. The robust, thick plastic is waterproof and ensures long durability. Protect yourself and your children from the sharp-edged ends of the net rods. The diameter of this protective cover is 25 mm, which is suitable for all standard safety net rods for trampolines.

Adjustable height: 105-130 cm
Product size: W 5 x H 7 cm
Diameter of safety net rod: 25 mm
Material: Plastic
Included in the package: 1 protective cover

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